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Laurie Cantrell or Joe Bajas 
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Phone: 419.243.8251 
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Holly Kemler 
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Fax: 419.243.1835

Financing Services

BetterBuildings Northwest Ohio Energy Efficiency Financing

Innovative Financing Programs

The Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority has developed a national reputation for innovative business financing, assisting over 340 economic development projects representing a total investment of more than $1.9 billion while helping to create and retain nearly 18,500 jobs.

Financing Options include:

  • Fixed Interest Rate Revenue Bonds  
  • Infrastructure Financing
  • Conduit Revenue Bonds
  • Ohio 166 Regional Loan Program
  • U.S. Small Business Administration 504 Loan Program

Initial Project Information Form

Initial Project Information forms are needed to determine whether a project meets the requirements of any of the Port Authority development financing programs. Initial Project Information form is available here. A preliminary determination can traditionally be made within five business days.

Additional Information is available from Laurie Cantrell, or Joe Bajas, by calling the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority at 419.243.8251.


Northwest Ohio Bond Fund

The Northwest Ohio Bond Fund provides small and medium-sized companies access to the national capital market as if they were A- Investment Grade companies. It provides:

  • Financing for projects from $2 million to $10 million
  • Fixed interest rates for full term of the bonds
  • Typically 90% financing and 10% equity
  • Financing up to 20 years for land and buildings
  • Financing up to 10 years for equipment
  • Tax exempt bonds for manufacturing, non-profit 501(c)3 and governmental operations
  • Taxable bonds for all other projects

Infrastructure Financing

Infrastructure Financing helps developers, governmental entities and other organizations finance improvements such as streets, curbs, and parking facilities. The Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority has provided over $100 million in Tax Increment Financing (TIF) and special assessment-backed bonds in tax-exempt, long-term, fixed-rate bond financing. Other benefits include:

  • Possibility of 100% financing
  • Lower cost of construction
  • Fixed interest rate, tax exempt financing
  • Terms of up to 32 years

Conduit Bond Structure

The Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority can serve as the Issuer for the purpose of making proceeds available to an entity in furtherance of a public purpose by way of Industrial Revenue Bonds, Hospital Revenue Bonds, Non-Profit Bonds and Housing Bonds.

  • Financial strength based upon credit of the company or non-profit organization 
  • Rated or non-rated bonds sold in capital markets or privately placed with banks
  • Capacity to issue bank-qualified, tax-exempt debt

Capital Lease Transaction

The Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority can provide bond financing of large construction projects with a Capital Lease Option that enables borrowers to take advantage of sales tax savings.

  • Savings of State & Local sales tax on construction materials
  • Lease payments will fully amortize debt
  • Buyout option allows company to buy asset for $1 at the end of lease
  • Assets & liabilities are placed on the company's balance sheet
  • No Prevailing Wage Requirement
  • Reduces construction costs and improves Loan-to-Value

Ohio Regional 166 Loan Program

The Ohio Department of Development Regional 166 Loan Program provides a low interest rate financing for fixed assets purchases such as land, building and equipment for  manufacturing, distribution and wholesalers throughout Ohio. A typical transaction consists of 50% bank financing; 40% Ohio 166 loan; and 10% owner equity. Benefits Include:

  • Loans of up to $500,000
  • A term of five to 15 years
  • Current fixed interest rate of 3%

U.S. Small Business Administration 504 Loan Program

The U.S. Small Business Administration 504 Loan Program provides fixed asset financing to for-profit businesses with a net worth not exceeding $15 million and net after-tax profit of not more than $5 million. A typical transaction consists of 50% bank financing; 40% SBA; and only 10% owner equity injection. The SBA takes a second lien position. This program is available to companies throughout Ohio. Benefits include:

  • Maximum loan of $5 million or up to $5.5 million for manufacturers
  • Terms of either 10 or 20 years
  • Low long-term fixed interest rates